International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences 2022-09-23T04:02:32-04:00 Open Journal Systems <p>The International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences (IJMRES) is a high-quality international refereed research journal with an ISSN 2223-5604 EISSN 2313-7738 which is published on quarterly bases (March, June, September, December). It calls for papers in areas relevant to Management and Emerging Sciences. The term “Emerging Sciences” covers research areas such as Marketing, Finance, Management and HR, Education Leadership, Production Management, Islamic Finance, Accounting, Banking, Economics, Management Information Systems, and last but not the least-Transport &amp; Logistics Management.</p> <p> </p> <p>IJMRES addresses not only the researchers but also the academic readers as a secondary audience. Management research has expanded significantly in recent decades, making it difficult for scholars to follow advances in the multiple specialized sub-fields. IJMRES addresses this by publishing important work that synthesizes and translates theoretical and empirical research in management’s distinct sub-fields in an authoritative evidential manner that makes these findings accessible for scholars. Single articles or collections of related articles are welcome. It entertains thought-provoking articles that lead to new approaches to the management field.</p> Evaluation of Short-run Market Performance of Initial Public Offerings: Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange 2022-02-17T02:10:57-05:00 Khalil Ahmad Ayesha Anwar Hafeez ur Rehman A.B. Basit <p>This study analyses short-run underpricing of Initial Public Offering at Karachi Stock Market of Pakistan by applying different event study models. The data were used for the period 2001-2013. The short-run performance of the IPO was evaluated by initial return on first day, yearly return for the first, fifth, tenth and fifteenth days after being listed of a firm and abnormal returns in different states of the economy. For analysis of short-run performance of IPO under different states of economy, data were divided into four states i.e. normal, boom, recession, recovery and general. It was found that IPOs gave positive significant initial return of 182.35%. In normal, boom and general states of economy, it provided significant positive return but in recession and recovery, it was insignificant.</p> 2016-01-01T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2016 International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences Emotional Labor and Emotional Exhaustion in Emergency Medical Service Employees, Pakistan 2022-02-17T02:16:43-05:00 Waqas Bilal Dr. Shazia Nauman Ayesha Zahid <p>The work of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is stressful and drains them emotionally. This research investigates the impact of Emotional Labor Strategies i.e. Surface Acting, Deep Acting and Authenticity or Expression of Naturally Felt-emotions on Emotional Exhaustion of EMS employees in Pakistan. By nature this study is quantitative, and 110 employees (Emergency Medical Technicians) of Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 participated in the data collection process. Primary data was collected through questionnaire. Data was further analyzed by descriptive statistic, correlation and linear regression. Results illustrate that EMS professionals are mostly engaged in deep acting and authenticity or expression of naturally-felt emotions than surface acting. Linear regressions were run to investigate the impact of each emotional labor strategy i.e. Surface acting, deep acting and authenticity or ENFE on Emotional Exhaustion. Results reveal that surface acting has positive impact on emotional exhaustion while deep acting and authenticity or ENFE have negative association with emotional exhaustion. This study adds to the extant literature by giving empirical insight into the relationship between emotional labor strategies and emotional exhaustion. It provides guidance to Emergency Medical Service’s (EMS) as how to familiarize and employ the effective emotion’s coping strategies.</p> 2016-01-01T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2016 International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences Intellectual Capital and Organizational Performance: Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in SMEs Sector of Pakistan 2022-02-17T02:23:34-05:00 Chaudhry Abdul Khaliq Muqqadas Rehman Hassan Mobeen Alam Munazza Amin Nauman Aslam <p>The emergence of modern societies has created many challenges for organizations to counter hyper competition in the market. In this regard, firms that are innovatively using their intellectual resources have not only preeminent chances to grow and sustain in intensive competitive milieu but also reap significant performance in the marketplace. Therefore, the main endeavor of this study is to investigate the impact of intellectual capital on organizational performance of small and medium enterprises of Pakistan. Further, the mediating role of entrepreneurial orientation which is recently recognized as the most crucial factor in ameliorating firm performance is also empirically tested in the model. The study has employed structural equation modeling (SEM) and principle component analysis (PCA) to test the mediating model. It has been found that human capital and relational capital have direct and indirect effect on organizational performance while structural capital does not show any direct relationship with organizational performance. The findings of this research facilitate the policy makers, practitioners and entrepreneur’s/owner mangers of Pakistan in particular and other developing country in general to formulate strategies that can accelerate performance and strengthen SMEs operations across borders.</p> 2016-01-01T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2016 International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences Changing Demographics and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan 2022-02-17T02:27:27-05:00 Muhammad Zaheer Khan Nazima Ellahi Dr. Muhammad Ramzan Shaikh Salman Masood Sheikh <p>The objective of this study is to determine the relationship between various demographic variables and economic growth of Pakistan for the period of 1980-2012. Time series econometric technique has been used for the analysis. Johansen’s co-integration test showed presence of long run relationship between different demographic variables. After establishing the presence of error correction term in the model, variance decomposition test has been used to identify the individual shocks between the variables. The study concludes that the demographic transition has very important role in the economic growth of Pakistan.</p> 2016-01-01T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2016 International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences Consumer Behavior in Islamic Perspective: An Empirical Analysis 2022-02-17T02:39:03-05:00 Farah Yasser <p>Pakistan is an Islamic country and the current paper is an attempt to investigate empirically whether Islamic consumer theory is being applied in this country or not. This study has used a set of questionnaires distributed to all general consumers working in different walks of life in the city of Lahore. Cronbach Alpha test is used to check the reliability and internal consistency of all variables in the questionnaire. In order to draw conclusions, percentage of respondents’ method has been used in SPSS. Results indicated that consumers in Pakistan follow Sharia rules moderately during consumption of goods and services, embrace Halal goods and services, and prefer to live a simple life, to some extent believe in wealth accumulation and believe that excessive accumulation of wealth induces them to lead an unnecessary luxurious life. Moreover, they frequently give donations to the needy, and somewhat consider the problems being faced by other consumers. They usually do not support a luxurious life when their siblings or neighbors are poor. They sometimes consider the life hereafter and control their wants during consumption of goods and services. Most of the people consider ethics in their consumption pattern and believe that absence of ethics is the major reason of defect of modern economics. Besides, most of the respondents are of the opinion that modern economics should include religious tools to get better outcomes. It is also concluded that they believe that social, moral and religious mechanisms are important with other economic programs and instruments in order to alleviate poverty. This study is important for the national and international producers, marketers and sellers who would like to sell their goods and services in Pakistan. Producers can produce goods and services by considering widespread Islamic consumption behavior in Pakistan in their production process. Marketers and sellers can attract mainstream consumers by depicting Islamic consumption pattern while marketing their products and services. To the best of my knowledge, no research in the past has been done to find out empirically Islamic consumer behavior for Pakistan.</p> 2022-02-17T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2016 International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences