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Welcome to the International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences (IJMRES)

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The International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences (IJMRES) is a high-quality international refereed research journal which is published on quarterly bases (March, June, September, December). It calls for papers in areas relevant to Management and Emerging Sciences. The term “Emerging Sciences” covers research areas such as Marketing, Finance, Management and HR, Education Leadership, Production Management, Islamic Finance, Accounting, Banking, Economics, Management Information Systems, and last but not the least-Transport & Logistics Management.

All articles published in International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences will be made freely accessible online immediately after publication in an easily readable format, without any subscription or registration barrier.

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Published by: Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan

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Language: Journal accepts manuscript in English 

Journal Frequency: Quarterly (4 times a year)

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-The authors, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0

-The authors retain the copyright to their work without restrictions, licensing it under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Review process: Double Blind

Plagiarism: Journal screen article submissions

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IJMRES Mission Statement

International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences (IJMRES) is a peer-reviewed journal founded in 2011 that publishes high-quality articles of significant intellectual interest and commercial relevance with the mission of providing high-quality scientific content to managers, consultants, academics and students operating within an information intense business-driven enterprise.

IJMRES contributes to the normative literature, providing conceptual and practical insights underpinned by innovative findings that add to the body of knowledge. IJMRES publishes research findings from internationally distinguished experts. Scholarly examinations of the latest theory and practice from the foremost research institutions are augmented by contributions from senior business managers and consultants, who report on specific enterprise case experiences that promote the learning of others by comparing and contrasting environmental settings. This blended contribution of theoretical and practical outcomes results in an extensive communication of commercial findings and audience understanding of current, applied and rigorous information management that spans an enterprise and its rich supply chains.

Types of Manuscript and Authorship Criteria

International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences (IJMRES) will publish the Original Research Manuscript. All listed authors must have made substantial intellectual contributions to the research and writing of the manuscript. Authors must have participated in the drafting and critical revision of the manuscript and have given their final approval for publication. All authors must be able to take public responsibility for the content of the manuscript. The order of authors should be based on their individual contributions, and all authors should agree on the order before submission. The journal will not consider multiple submissions and redundant publications.

Emerging Areas

IJMRES is committed to making a positive impact through research endeavors containing substantial and original contributions on the latest emerging topics focusing on Asian markets in the following emerging areas:

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Behavioral Finance 
  • Business Intelligence and Strategy
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Disclosures
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Corporate/Integrated Reporting
  • Economics
  • Education Leadership
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Finance
  • Islamic Finance
  • Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital
  • Leadership
  • Management and HR
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Non-Financial Performance Measurement
  • Performance Management
  • Production Management
  • Social Media Marketing/Digital Marketing
  • Transport & Logistics Management