Misalignment of Actor’s Resources Leading to Value Co-destruction: A Systematic Literature Review for Future Research Frontier


  • Noreen Zahra Virtual University of Pakistan
  • Abdul Rashid Kausar Dr. Hasan Murad School of Management, University of Management and Technology Lahore




Service-Dominant logic, Value-Cocreation, Value-Co-destruction, Resources, Service, Interaction, Systematic Literature Review, Context


The research frontier of Service-Dominant logic has elicited the etymological debate on the phenomenological nature of value. To date, the literature has shown a biased and myopic view of value co-creation as an outcome of service interaction. Leading journals have given prominent space to value co-creation. Still, value co-destruction is yet least explored though it is also a realistic view of a service interaction. Value co-creation manifests the wellness of actors, but not all service interactions result in positive outcomes causing value co-destruction.  The researchers have started the debate on value co-destruction relating to its conceptual description; still, the literature is fragmented. This article is a systematic literature review that explores the epistemological, theoretical, and contextual understanding of value co-destruction to synthesize fragmented literature from 2010 to date. This article provides an overview of value co-destruction seminal work, theoretical underpinnings, leading antecedents, and coping strategies in particular contexts. The systematic selection of literature affirms value co-destruction as a decline in the wellbeing of actors during service exchange due to the misalignment of actors’ resources and a mirror image of value co-creation. This article offers co-existence, the role of context, contextual antecedents, the temporal nature of co-destruction, and exclusively the ISPAR model as theoretical support for value co-destruction as future research directions.




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Misalignment of Actor’s Resources Leading to Value Co-destruction: A Systematic Literature Review for Future Research Frontier. (2022). International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences, 12(4). https://doi.org/10.56536/ijmres.v12i4.359

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