In Pakistan, the Choice of Requirements for Islamic Easy House Financing by Meezan Bank


  • Muhammad Saeed Iqbal Islamic Business School, Universiti of Utara, Malaysia
  • Sofi Mohd Fikri Islamic Business School, Universiti of Utara, Malaysia



Pakistan, Islamic Meezan Bank, Islamic Easy House Finance


Islamic Easy House Financing (IEHF) increased from RS. 6.8 billion to RS 23.3 billion over 10 years. Identifying the factors that affect the satisfaction of both Muslim and non-Muslim clients with Islamic Easy House Financing (IEHF) is significant. This research then considers the major variables that impact Pakistan's choice of Islamic Easy House Finance (IEHF). Questionnaires were distributed to 160 employees of Meezan Islamic Bank. The current study employed a testing strategy called random sampling. The questionnaire was divided into two segments. One segment included data about the segments, while the other segment focused on the factors that influence how Muslims finance their Islamic Easy House (IEHF). The results demonstrate that several significant variables impact the choice of Islamic Easy House Financing (IEHF), including circumstances, management quality, integrity, prominence in the media, and social impact. The most reliable indication is reputation, as most customers feel comfortable choosing Islamic Easy House Finance (IEHF) because Islamic Meezan Bank has a strong reputation and vision. The study needs to be completely structured. The focus also refers to representatives of a single financial institution. Future research may involve personnel from various Islamic financial institutions. Policymakers and directors could use the tests suggested in the current study as a guide for enhancing Islamic Meezan Bank products and services. There will be an article published on Pakistan's Meezan Islamic Bank as part of the study. This research is the first to examine Pakistan's easy-house-choice Shari'ah laws. For experts and scholars concerned about advancements in Pakistan's Meezan Islamic Bank's banking sector, the findings made throughout this research process will be of the utmost importance.




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In Pakistan, the Choice of Requirements for Islamic Easy House Financing by Meezan Bank. (2024). International Journal of Management Research and Emerging Sciences, 14(1).

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