Withdrawal Policy

Authors are encouraged to carefully consider the decision to withdraw and adhere to the following withdrawal policy:

Author-Requested Withdrawal:

Authors must formally request the withdrawal of their manuscript by sending a written request to the editorial office via email. The request should include the title of the manuscript and the reason for withdrawal.

The withdrawal request will be reviewed by the editorial team, and the decision will be communicated to the corresponding author.

Withdrawal Conditions:

Manuscripts can only be withdrawn before the completion of the peer-review process. Once the manuscript enters the review phase, withdrawal requests may not be honored.

If the withdrawal request is approved, the manuscript will be marked as "Withdrawn" in our records, and any public listing will reflect this status.

If the manuscript has been accepted for publication, withdrawal requests will not be accepted. In such cases, authors are advised to contact the editorial office to discuss alternative solutions.

Ethical Considerations:

Authors are reminded of their ethical responsibility regarding the submission of manuscripts. Fabricated or misleading information may result in the initiation of appropriate actions.

In cases where ethical concerns are raised, the editorial team reserves the right to investigate and take necessary actions even after withdrawal.